Dental Porcelain Furnace

Short Description:

It is suitable for all kinds of dental porcelain powder and all ceramic materials.

The program of the machine is set according to the most commonly used porcelain powder

Example: Ivoclar、VITA、Noritak

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Supply Ability: 1000 sets/per Month
  • Type : ZTCF-20B
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    1. Future

    This model is intelligent programmable dental porcelain furnace, auto lift and down tray design.

    It is suitable for all kinds of ceramic powder materials.

    ·Large touch screen interface, easy operation, all parameters panoramic display;

    ·Quartz heating tube, uniform temperature field, imported heating wires, long-service life;

    ·New lightweight thermal insulation material, good heat preservation, small temperature fluctuation;

    ·High-precision temperature control and automatic temperature control can guarantee temperature accuracy ±1℃;

    ·Imported oil-less vacuum pump, high vacuum limit, large flow, free maintenance;

    ·Vacuum pipe with multi-layer filter structure can ensure the stability and life-pan of related components;

    ·Unique vacuum process to ensure excellent vacuum sealing, international brands sensors, accurate vacuum measurement;

    ·Night insalation function;

    ·Touch screen calibration function;

    ·Temperature calibration procedure;

    ·Super anti-power interference, instantly to 94V-264V, with the function of tempering cooling and temperature compensation;

    ·Simple operation, low noise,suitable forfactory, clinics and hospital.  

    2.Technical parameters:

    ·Voltage: 220V/50Hz

    ·Power: 1300+300W

    ·Working temperature accuracy: ±1℃

    ·Max. Temperature: 1300℃

    ·Max. Vacuum degree: -98Kpa

    ·Heating rate: 0~140℃/min

    ·Display mode: Large size touch screen display all parameters

    ·Enter mode: Touch screen human-computer interface

    ·Can set the procedure: 100 items procedure(can be extended to 500 items procedure, according

    to the requirement please ordering)

    ·Net chamber size: 10*7cm

    ·Packing size: 52*38*72cm(L*W*H)

    ·Net weight: 26.5KG



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  • Packing in wooden case as export standards or as customers’ request

    Each piece of wood wrapped around the plastic film.


    NOTE: If you order more than 4 sets of goods, we will make pallets for free.

    Pallet-4 sets

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