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Dental 3D Scanner


  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Manufacture : Zetin Factory Directly Sale
  • Certification: CE / ISO 9001
  • Application: Lab Heating Test Equipment
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Brand : Zetin China
  • Payment Methods: 100% TT
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    Qscan is the third generation dental 3D scanner launched by ZETIN technology CO,. LTD in 2019. In cooperation with German designers, it adopts a new mechanical structure and hardware design, so that the scanning speed can reach within 9 seconds for full procedure. At the same time, the advanced algorithm is used to solve the problem of un-cutted mode scanning, almost no corner left  in  normal scanning procedure. It is the best solution to solve the problems of un­ cutted mold and impression scanning.

    Technical Parameters

    Product mode Scan
    Speed Single jaw 6s, full arch 9s, multi-die 9s, Impression 70s
    Weight 5KG
    Scanning range 100 x 100 x 75 mm
    Scanning method Non-contact scanning
    Data port USB3.0
    Power supply 24V
    Ambient temp. 10°C~30°C
    Accuracy <10um
    Output format STL


    ◑ Compared with the previous single arm structure, the double arm structure is not only more beautiful in shape, but also can make the structure more stable. The vibration of the motor during scanning is reduced, and the accuracy is effective improved;

    ◑ The heat dissipation of projector adopts 2 heat sinkers and 2 air channels, that means half heat dissipation and double life, which completely solves the problem that most scanners on the market are prone to aging;

    ◑ As large as 5.3um camera pixel, it can capture more image information and reflect more real details of the model;

    ◑ The fastest dental scanner in China , 6 S for single jaw, 9 s for full arch, 9 s for multi-die and 70 s for impression;

    ◑ Using the advanced algorithm, the minimum scanning angle is as small as 8 degrees, which can realize scan most of the dental molds without cutting, and truly achieve no dead corner scanning.

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