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Ltd. Zhengzhou Zetin ኤሌክትሮሜካኒካል መሣሪያዎች Co.,

China Zetin (ZT) Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional factory dedicated to the production of dental equipment. ZT has been deeply involved in the dental equipment industry for many years. At present, the dental equipment of the ZT enjoys a high reputation among Chinese manufacturers. The production standard takes the international market as the benchmark and strictly follows the international industry standards. It has successively obtained the internationally recognized ISO9001 quality certification qualification, European CE certification, and EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certification.

After years of professional technology research and development and accumulation, the production level of ZT, research and development capabilities, quality inspection and security control, and other aspects are very mature and perfect. The product has been updated and iterated many times, and every technical optimization will make ZT’s product performance and quality even better. So far, ZT is dedicated to developing dental multi-device integrated products. The dental equipment produced by ZT includes The equipment required for each step in the dental examination process, such as a dental 3D scanner, dental 3D printer, dental milling machine, dental speed, and normally integrated sintering furnace, dental porcelain furnace, baking wax box, zirconia blocks, etc.

In the future, ZT will concentrate on the development and innovation of dental equipment, and provide the world with smart products from China ZT that are of higher quality, more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective! Choosing ZT, choosing Chinese intelligent manufacturing, gives you peace of mind!

ZT’s corporate mission is only to produce products with quality assurance!

3dpbm diagram of ceramic additive manufac...

All of the commercial ceramic AM technologies in the 3dpbm map of Ceramic Additive Manufacturing (from 3dpbm’s just-released Ceramic Additive Manufacturing Opportunities and Trends report) are based on the process of bonding ceramic particles into the shape of a 3D object, then placing them...

የጥርስ መሳሪያዎች መጓጓዣ

             በሳይንስና ቴክኖሎጂ ልማት የትራንስፖርት ዘዴው በጣም ተሻሽሏል ፡፡ እንደ ጭነትው የመጓጓዣ ሁኔታን መምረጥ እንችላለን ፡፡ ሆኖም በልብ ወለድ ኮሮናቫይረስ ተጽዕኖ ብዙ የመጓጓዣ ዘዴዎች ታግደዋል ፡፡

ከኮሮና ቫይረስ ጋር በጋራ!

ሁላችንም እንደምናውቀው የሰው ልጅ ባለፉት ጥቂት ወራቶች በኮሮና ቫይረስ ኮማ እየተሰቃየ ነው በቫይረሱ ​​ምክንያት በጣም የሚተላለፍ በመሆኑ ብዙ አገራት በቁልፍ ውስጥ ይገኛሉ ፡፡ ከባድ ዓለም አቀፍ ሁኔታ ቢኖርም አሁንም ማሽኖችን በአስቸኳይ ለተቸገሩ ደንበኞች ለማቅረብ አጥብቀን እንጠይቃለን ፡፡ በአሁኑ ወቅት አንድ ...

Engineers from Saudi Arabia came to our f...

Below is the picture of customers visiting the factory to learn simple maintenance and installation skills. The customer is familiar with the operation on the machine. Our engineer is showing him the internal structure of the machine. This is Saudi Arabia customer that we met at the 2014 Guangz...

Analysis of methods for preventing zircon...

1. ዝግ በኦገስቲን ይጠቀሙ. 2. ውጤታማ የሰው ጣልቃ ገብነት ያለ ብክለት ደረጃ ማስወገድ ይችላሉ ይህም ሙሉ በሙሉ ራስ-ሰር ክወና ፕሮግራም ያዘጋጁ. 3. ያብጁ እና ማሞቂያ አባል ቁሩ እና ይበልጥ ውጤታማ በሆነ zirconia ለመጠበቅ ቀላል አይደለም በመሆኑም ማሞቂያ አባል ያመቻቹ. 4. ተጠቀም ...
zirconia ጥርስ ብክለት ለመከላከል ዘዴዎች ትንተና
የመግቢያ መውጫ ፈቃድ
የመግቢያ መውጫ ፈቃድ
የመግቢያ መውጫ ፈቃድ
የመግቢያ መውጫ ፈቃድ