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Zetin Fast Sintering Zirconia Furnace

ZTCF-30B Plus

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Manufacture : Zetin Factory Directly Sale
  • Certification: CE / ISO 9001
  • Application: Lab Heating Test Equipment
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Brand : Zetin China
  • Payment Methods: 100% TT
  • Consult Line : 0086 18538256129
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    Zetin fast and slow integrated sintering furnace, its sintering speed is 5 times higher than the ordinary sintering furnace. And its sintering effect is perfect, the temperature control is accurate, the internal temperature of the furnace is uniform, and the automatic lifting tray design has good sealing performance. At the same time, there is also a program with ordinary sintering speed, which can be operated flexibly according to individual actual conditions and improve work efficiency.

    Technical Parameters

    Fast Sinter 2 hour (including heating, heat hold, and cooling), 80 units crowns
    Conventional sinter 3 layers of crucible, 150 units
    Max.Temperature 1730℃
    Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
    Touch Screen 7 " TFT
    Max power consumption 3 KW
    Power Supply 220 V  50/60 HZ  Or  110 V  50/60 HZ
    Heating element High purity heater specially for dentistry
    Capacity Ø 110 ×120 mm
    Conventional sintering program No.1
    Rapid sintering program No.2
    Cleaning program No.40
    Program 40 programs can be stored ,with power-off memory function
    Size (L*W*H) 450× 500× 850 mm3
    Net weight 85 KG


    ◑ Fast sintering program only need 2 hours to finish, 80 units can be sintered at one time; 

    ◑ Using normally sintering program one time can stack 3 crucibles , and total can sinter 150 units ;

    ◑ High purity heating elements mode of MoSi2 ( Silicon molybdenum rods ), this material is no pollution and last for longtime 

    ◑ PID intelligent temperature control system ensures the high temperature control accuracy. The actually temperature error at ±1℃; 

    ◑ Can Store 40 Programs;

    ◑ 7-TFT touch screen can fully display all the operations, so very easy to set up the program, friendly human-machine interface.

    ◑ Longer service life Insulation materials with good thermal insulation effect ensures a uniformity temperature circumstance ;

    ◑ With power-off memory function, it can start working from any phase of any program.

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    Packing in wooden case as export standards or as customers’ request

    Each piece of wood wrapped around the plastic film.


    NOTE: If you order more than 4 sets of goods, we will make pallets for free.

    Pallet-4 sets

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