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  • What’s the differences between Silicon Carbide Heating Elements and Moly Disilicide Heating Elements

    Silicon Carbide Heating Elements: - Silicon Carbide elements cost about half that of Moly Disilicide elements. - They have only about 2/3 the life expectancy of Moly Disilicide elements. - Compering heat dispersion between the two is irrelevant because ceramic sagger trays average the heat all ar...
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  • VIDEC Exhibition: Hanoi, Vietnam

    VIDEC Exhibition: Hanoi, Vietnam

    Date: Aug 17th ~ Aug 19th, 2023 Booth: C13-C14
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  • How smoking can cause tooth deterioration

    Many people may not realise just how smoking can wreak its havoc on your gums and teeth, so let’s take you through the broader process. The first indicator to you that you are suffering from gum disease may be a recession of the gums that exposes the teeth’s roots, making them susceptible to toot...
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  • Zirconia Sintering Furnaces: The Ideal Solution for Dental Practices

    If you’re in the dental industry, you know how important it is to have quality equipment that delivers consistent results. That’s why zirconia sintering furnaces have become a must-have in dental practices worldwide. Zirconia sintering furnaces are special equipment designed for heat...
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  • 28th Beijing International Dental Exhibition approaches,

    28th Beijing International Dental Exhibition approaches,

    As the 28th Beijing International Dental Exhibition approaches, dental professionals from all over the world are gearing up to participate in one of the most important events in the industry this year. This year’s show is expected to be particularly interesting due to the launch of the ZET...
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    Zetin Dental Furnace Zirconia Sintering Furnace Fast and Slow Integrated Function 30B Plus is a state-of-the-art sintering furnace designed for dental laboratories and clinics. It is a fast and slow integrated furnace, which combines fast heating and cooling functions, making it efficient and re...
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  • In medicine

    In medicine

    In medicine,dentures is restorations produced after partial or complete loss of teeth. In producing dentures, we need to use sintering furnaces. We will put the dentures into crucibles which are placed with powder material. Then the crucible will be sintered into chamber of furnace. Zetin is a pr...
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  • 3D printing and Artificial intelligence in Dentistry

    3D printing 3D printing is set to revolution an array of industries, and the dental industry is no exception. Although most 3D printers are still quite expensive and the printing of teeth still seems to be a far-fetched process, there’s a possibility that this would be a reality in the near futur...
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  • Invitation to the German Dental IDS Exhibition

    Invitation to the German Dental IDS Exhibition

    Dear old and new customers, Our Company (Zhengzhou Zetian Electromechanical technology and equipment company), will participate in the exhibition in Germany in 2023, hope to meet with you, but also sincerely invite you to participate in this exhibition if you want to understand the sintering furn...
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  • How to replace the silicon molybdenum rod correctly

    When the sintering furnace does not heat up, please check the silicon-molybdenum rod first. If the silicon-molybdenum rod is found to be faulty, please replace it in time. Our company uses zirconia sintering special high purity silicon molybdenum rod, will not cause any pollution to zirconia crow...
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  • Zirconia Teeth

    Zirconia Teeth

    Zirconia is a commonly used material in dental plastic surgery. It has good stability, so it is used to make cosmetic crowns, dental implants, and dental veneers. First of all, through preliminary processing, the zirconia powder needs to be physically extruded into a solid under the action of hi...
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  • Installation method of heating element in high temperature electric furnace

    When the furnace temperature needs to reach more than 1200℃, it is usually necessary to use silicon and molybdenum rod as the heating element of the electric furnace, that is, as the heating rod of the furnace. The main component of silico-molybdenum rod is molybdenum disilicate. Molybdenum disil...
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