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  • 3dpbm diagram of ceramic additive manufacturing technology »

    All of the commercial ceramic AM technologies in the 3dpbm map of Ceramic Additive Manufacturing (from 3dpbm’s just-released Ceramic Additive Manufacturing Opportunities and Trends report) are based on the process of bonding ceramic particles into the shape of a 3D object, then placing them...
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  • Transportation of dental equipment

                 With the development of science and technology, the mode of transportation has been greatly improved. We can choose the mode of transportation depending on the shipment. However, influenced by novel Coronavirus, many modes of transportation have been banned.With the closure in recen...
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  • Against corona virus,together !

    As we all know, human is suffering from the comma of corona virus in last few months.Due to the virus is highly transmissible, many countries are in lockdown. In spite of the severe international situation, we still insist on providing machines urgently to customers in need. At present, we have a...
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  • Engineers from Saudi Arabia came to our factory to visit and study

    Below is the picture of customers visiting the factory to learn simple maintenance and installation skills. The customer is familiar with the operation on the machine. Our engineer is showing him the internal structure of the machine. This is Saudi Arabia customer that we met at the 2014 Guangz...
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  • Analysis of methods for preventing zirconia tooth pollution

    Analysis of methods for preventing zirconia tooth pollution

    1. Use the closed crucible. 2. Set the fully automatic operation program, which can effectively avoid the pollution stage without human intervention. 3. Customize and optimize the heating element so that the heating element is not easy to peel off and more effectively protect the zirconia. 4. Use...
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  • Welcome to visit ZETIN booth of ” The 23th China International Exhibition & Symposium on Dental Equipment,Technology and Products ”

    We will participate in the 22nd China Int’l Exhibition & Symposium on dental equipment,Technology@Products from October 30th to November 2nd, 2019. At this exhibition, we will exhibit 120-minute Fast-speed sintering furnace and press furnace to make the products more refined. not only t...
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