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3D printing and Artificial intelligence in Dentistry

3D printing

3D printing is set to revolution an array of industries, and the dental industry is no exception. Although most 3D printers are still quite expensive and the printing of teeth still seems to be a far-fetched process, there’s a possibility that this would be a reality in the near future.

As of now, the 3D printing industry is busy developing resins and other materials that would help in the production of crowns, inlays, replacement teeth and veneers. Let’s not forget that 3D printing can also easily enable the production of retainers and custom aligners.

Artificial intelligence

It goes without saying that dentistry produces an enormous amount of data regularly. From booking appointments to the patient treatment cycle to patient reviews and so on, a large chunk of data is produced daily.

Wherever there’s such a huge chunk of data, there’s a bright opportunity that this data could be used to gain deeper insight on patient patterns, research papers, routine tasks and more with the help of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can ease the tasks of dentists around the world by reducing the overall workload, streamlining processes and helping build stronger dentist-patient relationships.

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Post time: Mar-11-2023