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Against corona virus,together !

As we all know, human is suffering from the comma of corona virus in last few months.Due to the virus is highly transmissible, many countries are in lockdown.

In spite of the severe international situation, we still insist on providing machines urgently to customers in need.

At present, we have a lot of stock, we can arrange shipment for you as soon as we receive your order.

In 2021,we will also keep participate in the coming exhibition (IDS),business keep running as usual.

Finally,we are unfortunately experienced the whole process of spreading the virus,and look forward to the success of all partners in various countries in avoiding this disaster.


Below is Chines doctor’s advice:

First, be sure to wear a mask before going out. Masks are very

important,also remind family and friends to wear masks

Second, wash your hands frequently and ventilate your home

Third, don’t go to crowded places, try not to go to parties

Fourth, disinfect the home every day

Fifth, eat more vitamins and increase resistance.

Sixth, try to reduce going out as much as possible and buy enough things for your home

Seventh, don’t relax your vigilance until the virus completely disappears.

Fighting corona virus

Post time: May-18-2020