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Engineers from Saudi Arabia came to our factory to visit and study

Below is the picture of customers visiting the factory to learn simple maintenance and installation skills.

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The customer is familiar with the operation on the machine.

Zetin factory

Our engineer is showing him the internal structure of the machine.

This is Saudi Arabia customer that we met at the 2014 Guangzhou exhibition. From the initial love of our dental furnace to the purchase,until the last large-scale agent, we always uphold the best raw materials and best service to our customers. This also provided him motivation for the visits to learn skills.

In this study process, he learned how to replace the simply accessories for his customer, and the problems that need to pay attention to when they using the machine. In the meantime, we have further discussed with the future payment, transportation and other matters.The face-to-face communication with the customers has further increased the feelings of both parties. At the same time, it also allows customers to appreciate the culture of our city and listen to his country manners and customs.Therefore, it has also made a small contribution to the development of international trade and economic globalization.

Post time: Aug-21-2019