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How to replace the silicon molybdenum rod correctly

When the sinterincrucible 2.1g furnace does not heat up, please check the silicon-molybdenum rod first. If the silicon-molybdenum rod is found to be faulty, please replace it in time. Our company uses zirconia sintering special high purity silicon molybdenum rod, will not cause any pollution to zirconia crown or bridge. Silicon-molybdenum rod is a wearing part, so be careful when replacing the silicon-molybdenum rod. The following is the correct way to replace the silicon-molybdenum rod:

1. Unscrew the iron cover of the stove top with a screwdriver and remove the top cover.
2. Unscrew the stainless steel clip at the top of the silicon molybdenum rod and remove the clip.
3. Remove the braid.
4. Directly take out the broken silicon and molybdenum rod and remove the stainless steel ceramic card.
5. Carefully remove the stopper.
6. Replace the new silicon and molybdenum rod, and fix the stainless steel ceramic card, braided belt and stainless steel clip in turn.

Post time: Dec-06-2022