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Installation method of heating element in high temperature electric furnace

When the furnace temperature needs to reach more than 1200℃, it is usually necessary to use silicon and molybdenum rod as the heating element of the electric furnace, that is, as the heating rod of the furnace. The main component of silico-molybdenum rod is molybdenum disilicate. Molybdenum disilicate heating element is brittle at room temperature and plastic at high temperature. Please refer to the following for the installation methods and precautions of heating elements of high temperature experimental electric furnace:

1.Vertical suspension:
The best mounting method for U-shaped elements is vertical suspension, which is suspended vertically from the stove top by a support chuck. The purpose of this installation is to avoid putting mechanical stress on the heating end of the element, which would easily cause the element to break.

2.Support chuck:

The support chuck is used for 9/18mm diameter and 6/12mm diameter respectively. The weight of the whole element is borne by the support chuck, and the position of the element is determined by it. Therefore, careful installation is required to ensure that the components hang vertically. In order to avoid local overheating, the conical part of the lower end of the element must be extended into the furnace.

3.Wire chuck:

The conductor of the contact element is aluminum braided wire or multilayer aluminum foil. The outer steel plate only acts as a clamp, not to conduct electricity. A single row is required for 6/12mm diameter elements and a double row for 9/18mm diameter elements. The end of the wire is connected with the bus. To avoid stress transfer to the element, the wire should be slightly greater than the straight-line distance between the element and the bus. When installing components, the screws on the clamping head should not be screwed too tightly at one time. When the components rise to high temperature, they should be tightened again, because the components have a certain plasticity and are not easy to break. Chuck part of the temperature is generally not higher than 200℃. Therefore, the contact voltage between the collet wire and the element should be reduced by 0.1V. In order to avoid radiation heat transfer to the collet, the distance between the lower end of the collet and the top of the brick should not be less than 50mm. In order to avoid damage, the general diameter of 6/12mm components can not be used for a long time 170A, diameter of 9/18mm components can not be used for a long time 300A.

Post time: Nov-22-2022