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Tips of using Dental Porcelain Furnace












1. Need the power supply 220V and 15A, use a three-wire power socket with a grounding terminal. The grounding cable need to be reliable and correct.


2. When the porcelain furnace is powered on, the furnace base must be put in.


3. If the furnace body is at the top before shutdown, press the furnace down button to turn off the power after the furnace body drops to the bottom.


4. The power socket must be removed before maintenance.


5. If the power supply voltage is unstable, it will cause abnormal operation of the system. Therefore, it is necessary to use precision AC regulated power supply.


6. In case of sudden power off when the furnace is in using, please immediately turn off the power switch of the product or unplug the power socket of the product.


7. If the vacuum fails to be pumped, the buzzer will sound 5 seconds later, and the operation will end and the porcelain oven will be raised. At this time, the vacuum system shall be checked, and the fault shall be discharged before it is put into operation.


8. When the furnace is in using, it is necessary to keep the furnace, the appearance of the furnace and the surrounding environment clean and hygienic. The sundries should be cleaned in time.


9. When the furnace is not filled with vacuum, the furnace body cannot rise. If the furnace rising key is pressed, the buzzer will ring, and the furnace body will rise only when the furnace vacuum is relieved.

Post time: Nov-02-2022