Welcome to visit ZETIN booth of ” The 23th China International Exhibition & Symposium on Dental Equipment,Technology and Products ”

We will participate in the 22nd China Int’l Exhibition & Symposium on dental equipment,Technology@Products from October 30th to November 2nd, 2019. At this exhibition, we will exhibit 120-minute Fast-speed sintering furnace and press furnace to make the products more refined. not only to meet the needs of dental laboratory, but also to meet the requirements of dental  clinics and hospitals. In the shortest time, let the patient use the teeth. At the same time, due to the strong stability of our products, our dental furnaces have a large share in the domestic and international markets. We always focus on achieving customer satisfaction. From planned production to delivery, we are very careful to develop products based on technology and produce products according to high standards to meet the needs of the dental industry.

Below picture is the 2018 Exhibition scene, and wish the 2019 Shanghai Exhibition Successful!


Post time: Aug-05-2019
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