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Zirconia Teeth


Zirconia is a commonly used material in dental plastic surgery. It has good stability, so it is used to make cosmetic crowns, dental implants, and dental veneers.
First of all, through preliminary processing, the zirconia powder needs to be physically extruded into a solid under the action of high-strength mechanical force. The most common one on the market is round, which is closer to the arrangement of teeth in the oral cavity.
After preliminary processing into a solid form, it becomes an all-ceramic tooth similar to real teeth after carving. Hollow crowns can be made according to needs, or solid all-ceramic dentures can be used for dental implants. It can also be made into a very thin veneer for cosmetic effect. There are many kinds of zirconia and many sizes, generally divided into high transparency (HT), super transparency (ST), super high transparency (SST). HT is generally used to make the inner teeth crowns, and its hardness is very high. ST is usually used as a crown for anterior teeth. Its hardness is not as high as that of HT, and its transparency is higher than that of HT. The transparency of SST is the best, the hardness is not high, and it is basically used as a veneer.
The carved zirconia crown needs to be calcined in a sintering furnace, so that it is basically the same as the real tooth after being processed in a porcelain furnace through glazing, and it can almost be faked.
In fact, the cost of zirconia is not very high, but zirconia teeth are very expensive, which is not very reasonable.

Post time: Dec-02-2022