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The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and non-pollution to the environment. The oil-less vacuum pump has good durability and is a vacuum, compression, dual-purpose vacuum pump. It is a basic equipment with a wide range of applications for obtaining vacuum.

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The pump can be used in combination with various vacuum equipment such as air

conditioners, refrigeration equipment repair, suction devices for medical instruments, vacuum package, vacuum blistering, physical and chemical experiments, and small devices that require a vacuum environment.

This pump is not suitable for the removal of gases that are corrosive to ferrous metals, chemically reactive to pump oil, gases containing particulate dust, and toxic gases that are too high in oxygen and explosive. It cannot be used as a transfer pump (from one container to another).

1. It should have adequate ventilation and a temperature environment below 40 °C.

2. No dust or dirt place.

3. No Water, oil and other liquids will fall onto the pump,also can’t directly exposed to the sun.

5. Enough space to facilitate the inspection, maintenance and assembly of the pump.

6. The pump must be mounted on a flat surface.

7.It is best to install the pump on a hard concrete foundation ,or mount the pump securely on a steel or wooden frame.

8. It must be ensured that the pump does not cause vibration due to weak foundation.

9. The pipe connected to the pump should not be too long and smaller than the inlet diameter of the pump, affecting the pumping speed. Also check the vacuum connection pipe for air leakage.

Product Description

Input voltage  220V/50Hz
Power  300W
Electric current     less or equal to1.5A
Max temperature degree    -98Kpa
Rated flow  6.0m3/h(0Kpa)
Rated speed    1400RPM
Amplitude  <0.4mm
Working temperature      0-50 ℃
Insulation degree   B
Resistance to high pressure intensity 1800V/50HZ 1min no-spark
capacitor   15 F±5%
Net weight   8kg
Air vent screw thread specification G1/4
Model size  244.5x128x198 mm
Mounting dimensions  203.2×89 mm

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