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Different types of Zirconia Block or Zirconium Disc

  • HT: 98 mm * 10 mm - 98 mm * 25 mm
  • ST: 98 mm * 10 mm - 98 mm * 25 mm
  • SST: 98 mm * 10 mm - 98 mm * 25 mm
  • Multilayer: 98 mm * 10 mm - 98 mm * 25 mm
  • 3D colorful: 98 mm * 10 mm - 98 mm * 25 mm
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    Zirconia block is made from zirconium dioxide, a very durable type of metal that’s related to titanium. It widely used in the dental field to make dentures, such as dental crowns, dental bridge etc.

    In the dental field, zirconia are becoming increasingly common, following is the advantages.

    Technical Parameter

    Type HT ST SST
    Color White and Color White and Color White and Color
    Translucent 41% 45% 49%
    Bending strength 1300 MPa 1200 MPa 700 MPa
    Application Laniary Incisor Dental aesthetic
    Size 98*10-98*25 98*10-98*25 98*10-98*25


    ◑ Zetin zirconia is processed by ultra-fine powder, with good bio-compatibility, Super high translucent zirconia for highly aesthetic results in the anterior and posterior regions, with 16 type shade liquid. The main products are HT, ST, and SST;
    ◑ HT is mainly for the inner crown with white and color type. We recommend the customer use color zirconia block, which is no need to use color liquid and easy to operate. 1300 MPa Vickers Hardness, highly translucent  is 41%;
    ◑ ST mainly for deletant with white and color models. We recommend the customer use white block, combine with Zetin shade liquid to make the color is more accurate. The result is highly aesthetic restorations with permanent strength and stability. The 1200 MPa Vickers Hardness, super translucent is 45%;
    ◑ SST is mainly used for dental aesthetics, with super translucent of 49%, which is similar to glass materials, and the Hardness is 700 MPa, which is much higher than glass-ceramics. It is especially suitable for the aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth. With the special shade liquid of Zetin, a natural color gradient takes the block to a new level in terms of efficiency and esthetic.

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  • Packing in wooden case as export standards or as customers’ request

    Each piece of wood wrapped around the plastic film.


    NOTE: If you order more than 4 sets of goods, we will make pallets for free.

    Pallet-4 sets

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