Zetin Box Furnace

ZTCF-30C/30B Mini



The Zetin box-type sintering furnace adopts a classic door-opening design, with precise temperature control, uniform internal temperature in the chamber of furnace, and good sealing performance.

Technical Parameters

Max.Temperature 1730℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Touch screen 7″ TFT
Power Output 3 KW
Electrical connected value 220   50/60 HZ  & 110 V  50/60 HZ
Heating element High purity heater specially for dentistry
Sensor Type B
Capacity Ø 110 ×120 mm
Conventional sintering program No.1
Cleaning program No.40
Program Stored 40 programs ,with power-off memory function
Size (L*W*H) 450× 500×850 mm 3
Net weight 60 KG


The unique safety lock design effectively prevents the sintering failure caused by opening the furnace door by mistake during the sintering process;

Compact chamber, 80 units can be sintered at most at a time;

High-purity dental silicon molybdenum heating element, non-pollution;

PID intelligent temperature control system ensures the high temperature control accuracy. The actually temperature error at ±1℃;

Can Store 40 Programs;

7-TFT touch screen can fully display all the operations, so very easy to set up the program, friendly human-machine interface;

Longer service life Insulation materials with good thermal insulation effect ensures a uniformity temperature circumstance ;

With power-off memory function, it can start working from any phase of any program.


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