Porcelain Furnace

Zetin Porcelain/Ceramic Furnace with Vacuum Pump



Zetin Porcelain Furnace’s temperature control is accurate, the internal temperature of the furnace is uniform, the automatic lifting tray design has good sealing performance, and it is equipped with a low-noise oil-less vacuum pump. Zetin Porcelain Furnace is suitable for all kinds of ceramic powder on the market, such as IVOCLAR, VITA, NORITAKE, etc.

Technical Parameters

Max.Temperature 1300℃
Max.Vacuum -98 Kpa
Heating wire Long lifetime heating wire
Heating rate ≤140℃/min
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Maximum Power Consumption 1600 W
Power supply 220 V  50/60 HZ
Chamber Size Ø 100 mm×70 mm
Number of program memories 100 programs (Can extend to 500 programs )
Size (L*W*H) 380*320*610 mm3
Net weight 23 KG


◑ Equipped with a heating wire with a long service life, and the heating is even and no pollution;

◑  Has Stored IVOCLAR,VITA and NORITAKE ceramic powder programs, operator can according brand of ceramic powder to choose the program;

◑  PID intelligent temperature control system ensures the high temperature control accuracy. The temperature error at ±1℃; ;

◑  Equipped with high sensitive sensor ensures vacuum measurement accurate ;

◑  Equipped with low-noise oil-free vacuum pump, has great vacuum value, almost don’t need to service;

◑  Large-size and touch screen display all the date ;

◑  Unique vacuum pipeline filter design ensures the long life of internal electrical components;

◑  New environmental thermal insulation material with good thermal insulation performance ensures a stable chamber temperature.


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