Muffle Furnace

Zetin Wax Furnace / Muffle Furnace




Zetin muffle furnace has fast heat-up rates. The compact design perfect for many applications in the laboratory. There 8 carbon robs on are on the right and left side of chamber, also has a secure switch, so the power will automatically cut off when the door was open, and outer is designed with multi-point connection and ground wire design ensure the operator safe.

Technical Parameters

Max.temperature 1100℃
Heating rate ≤70℃/min
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Electrical connected value 220 V 50/60 HZ
Rated power 4 KW
Heating element Dental silicon carbide rods
Capacity 150×150×165 mm
Program stage 30 stages
Size (L*W*H) 420 × 410 ×490 mm3
Net weight 20 KG


◑ Safety micro switch, which will automatically cut off the power when the door is opened to protect the operator safe;

◑ The furnace shell is grounded, and the power wire is reserved for grounding to ensure operator safe;

◑ High-performance optimization silicon carbide heating elements for dental field, stable heating with non-pollution;

◑ 30-segment programmable temperature curves, which can set heating rate and holding time according to the demand;

◑ PID intelligent temperature control instrument with high temperature control precision;

◑ New environmentally thermal insulation materials, thick insulation layer design, good thermal insulation effect, power and energy saving;


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